VECROS Raises $250K Led by Rebalance for Development of Spatial AI-Powered Drone Systems in India

VECROS, the pioneering autonomous Spatial AI-powered Drone Systems company in India, has successfully raised $250,000 in funding, with Rebalance leading the investment. This funding signifies a significant milestone for VECROS as it continues to lead the way in the development of advanced drone technology.

The utilization of drones for monitoring and inspection is crucial in the maintenance of infrastructure and has a direct impact on public safety and human lives. However, traditional methods of monitoring industrial facilities or assessing the condition of critical infrastructure are prone to errors and accidents, leading to substantial costs for companies in terms of compensation for workplace-related safety issues.

By deploying intelligent drones, operational efficiency, precision, and safety can be greatly enhanced, potentially halving costs for companies. Drones are revolutionizing the way remote visual inspections and monitoring are performed, creating significant cost savings for companies. Engineers and field workers are already leveraging drones for various utility operations, including power line inspections.

Despite the benefits of drone technology, current drones are not optimized for industrial applications. They require a pilot, often have poor image quality, lack intelligent analysis, and offer limited navigation capabilities, leading to inefficiencies in operations.

VECROS is addressing these limitations with the development of India’s first Spatial AI technology for drones. This advanced AI empowers drones to understand the surrounding space, depth, and structure, enabling safe and efficient navigation. The company’s flagship product, ‘Athera’, is an autonomous drone powered by the in-house proprietary operating system ‘JetpixTM’.

Founded in 2021 by Besta Prem Sai, who brings over 6 years of experience in aerial robotics and has a background in working with Boeing and TCS, and Rajeshree Deotalu, with over 6 years of expertise in robotics, motion planning, and dynamics supported by 6 published research papers, VECROS is at the forefront of developing cutting-edge drone technology for industrial applications in India.

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